A world leader. Science and Service Established for over 70 years, I Holland is the world’s best-known manufacturer of tablet punches and dies. Our approach to design, development and delivery is unique and collaborative. We work with you at all stages, from new tablet concepts to existing product troubleshooting. We recognise that the quality of our service.

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Problem solving and collaboration

We have been working to solve design and production problems with tablet manufacturers for many years. Our design engineers work closely with your teams during the entire process from research and development through to trial and scale up. With appropriate tablet design and correct steel and coating specification, we help to increase your productivity and reduce your costs. Our collaborative relationships with our clients enable us to produce innovative tooling solutions and we are always looking for new ways of helping you to optimise your production and solve any issues you may have. We developed our Tool Management System and PharmaCare® 7 Step process to provide you with the means to effectively manage and maintain your tooling inventory to maximise its life and produce a better product for longer. Our designers are regarded as some of the best in the world and we place great emphasis on offering a high level of technical support, advice and specialist training.


Good tooling design satisfies your brand values whilst minimising production issues. Our expert team can advise you on all elements of tool & tablet design and its impact on:

  • Tablet shape & profile
  • Breakability
  • Tooling performance
  • Branding
  • Anti-counterfeiting

Research & Development 

In partnership with research & technical institutions, we continuously explore the science behind tablet tooling to find permanent & affordable solutions to your tablet manufacturing challenges. Our solutions include: 

  • PharmaGrade® refined steel 
  • PharmaCote® coating solutions 
  • TSAR≈Predict


As a leader in our field, we have introduced many innovations to the tabletting industry. 

  • Multi-tip tooling 
  • XDF® 
  • Rotahead 
  • WIP key 
  • Universal seal groove 
  • Metalised bellows & drip cup

PharmaCare® 7 step process 

Our 7 step process is a planned, professional maintenance & storage programme which ensures your tooling life is optimised & provides a significant return on investment. Combined with the I Holland Tool Management System (IH-TMS), the 7-step process allows proactive monitoring of your tooling.

Problem solving 

Our design engineers work closely with your teams during the entire process from R&D through to trial & scale up. Typical production problems we help solve include: 

  • Sticking & picking 
  • Corrosion 
  • Abrasion 
  • Capping & delamination 
  • Many more

I Holland Segments

Die segments substitute the original standard turret die table and dies. I Holland segments, as with all our products, are produced tot he highest quality standards, and are 100% inspected and available to our customers with unrivalled delivery times. Detailed drawings supplied. 

We have officially added and can supply the Fette die segments by I Holland.

Some benefit of I Holland segment include:

– Steel and material selection to maximise life

– Unrivaled lead time (standard 6 weeks)

– Access to PharmaCote solutions for punches

– And many more …

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