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Small Form Factor
MicroNIR represents a major step forward in the performance to size ratio. This means the sensor systems can be placed in close proximity to the process in applications that were previously hard to implement with bulkier instruments.

Through the use of USB, Ethernet and WiFi communication protocols, MicroNIR can be used in remote locations and dynamic process monitoring, allowing multiple sensors to be easily distributed across your manufacturing operations.

Robust Performance
MicroNIR contains no moving parts and is therefore shock proof, allowing it to be implemented into harsh environments without the use of fiber optic cables. The systems behave like a sensor, but provide full spectrometer performance.

Simple Design
The optical configuration is simple and compact, allowing the manufacture of MicroNIR to be highly repeatable and therefore allows a high degree of calibration transfer across multiple sensors.

Real-Time Results
MicroNIR is based on diode array technology and can generate high quality spectra in less than 1 second. This speed makes it an ideal candidate for high speed applications, particularly in Continuous Manufacturing (CM).

MicroNIR meets the specifications required by the pharmacopoeias for operational and performance qualification.

Technology Micro NIR will be used to reduce mistake, save time for Process Validation

– Real-time monitoring of drug production processes

– Analyze pharmaceutical production processes and increase production highest efficiency

– Software is easy to use and able to control the access of users at different levels

– Check the performance of the equipment in the production line to maintain a consistent and effective production standard.

Mostly used in process are as follows;

– Blend uniformity

– Fluid bed drying

– Granulation

– Content uniformity

– Coating

and Micro NIR Learning Series videos are as follows;

Tumble Blending Monitoring

Tablet Compression Monitoring