Swing Jibs

The Swing Jib consists of a column that can be mounted to the floor, ceiling, wall or counterbalance base plate with a Jib arm mounted to the front.
This mounting plate allows for 270 degrees of rotation for the arm. The Jib arms are manufactured in lengths up to 8mtrs or 26 1/4 feet as standard. They can be supplied in mild steel and painted or in stainless steel 304 or 316 as required depending on the environment’s needs.

The Swing Jib is designed for a vacuum kit or a hoist to be mounted to it. The vacuum head or hoist can
then be used to lift and lower goods and items that range from sacks to cardboard boxes or slabs of stone,
to sheets of plastic. All industries are covered with this versatile system.
The counterbalance base plate is designed to be lifted using a fork lift truck allowing you to use the swing jib
in multiple locations across your site.